About us

The Coalition for Sustainable Transport Policy (in slovenian KTPP) is an non-formal association of organisations and individuals working for a sustainable transport policy in Slovenia and Europe. It monitors and responds to current processes in Slovenian and European transport policy, while increasing awareness of developments in the transport sphere.

The members of the KTPP are representatives of non-governmental organisations, scientific institutions, regional development agencies, municipalities, educational institutions and other interested individuals.

The work of the KTPP is supported by two thematic networks: PlanB for Slovenia, a network of non-governmental organisations for sustainable development, and the Mreža za prostor, a network of non-governmental organisations and local initiatives in the field of spatial planning.

CIPRA Slovenia is a non-government organisation with public interest status. We have been working in the field of sustainable transport policies and sustainable mobility for almost 20 years. We coordinate the Sustainable Transport Policy Coalition, an informal group of experts working for sustainable transport policies and practices.

We have been involved in a number of projects in the field of sustainable transport policy and practice, e.g. TM v šoli – Sustainable Mobility in School and Kindergartens -, Pešec, CityWalk, Aktivno v šolo in zdravo mesto, Naj te zapelje zelena mobilnost, Hitro s kolesom, Počakaj na bus, TM v praksi …. We work with institutions to prepare strategic expert documents, support participatory processes and communicate with different publics.